Liberoservices provided Training courses to UAE – Doha Qatar (on behalf DNV-GL).



Liberoservices provided Training course to Designated Persons Ashore of Agelikoussis Shipping Group (MARAN GAS-MARAN TANKERS)

Liberoservices provided Training courses to UAE Port Facility Personnel for Kuwait &Tanzania trainees at Dubai (on behalf DNV-GL).

Dubai1  Dubai2

Liberoservices audited NKK, INSB, HRS PHRS, BRS Recognised Organizations on behalf Maritime Cook Islands.


Liberoservices partnered by IMarEst &       

Liberoservices / LiberoAssurance Has now dedicated and fully functional Training rooms.

LA Training Room p1a

 Training Centre at 94 Notara str, 18535 Piraeus                        

Liberoservices provided Training courses to UAE - Oman for Oman & Mozambique trainees working at Vale Port Facilities (on behalf DNV-GL).


Liberoassurance as Trainers of Albanian Maritime Authorities   

Project EU Ref. EuropeAid/134513/C/SER/AL



ALTrain4 ALTrain1




Participation as Key Maritime Administration Experts under World Bank Financing for preparation of Uganda maritime legislation and establishment of the Maritime Sector - ref no MoWT/SVSC/2010-11/00177.



Accident investigation on behalf Maritime Cook Islands in cooperation with Hellenic Administration for the accident Piri Reis – Consouth at south Peloponnese sea area. The report submitted to IMO second half of 2014.




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