Marine Surveyor

Qualification and motivation and experience, are the main characteristics we constantly seek in our potential employees to maintain the company's sustainable growth.

We provide a job opportunity to capable surveyors who possess experience and knowledge. Our years of experience can also help new marine surveyor to expand their expertise and become through our training facilities and real life practice, accomplished in this field.

Basic requirements:

  • Sea going experience or equivalent experience in the marine industry
  • Able to work independently, even under difficult and demanding circumstances
  • Proficient in English language
  • The ability to write comprehensive survey and investigation reports in the English language.
  • Computer literate and ability to work on call. The function may require weekend work and willingness to travel locally and internationally is a prerequisite.
  • ISM – ISPS – MLC – Statutory Certification experience – Bunker Surveys – Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements (UTM) – Class Survey.

Candidates with the prescribed qualifications are well invited to submit their CV for further review. Upon reception of your CV, our technical department will contact you with a tailor-made offer for cooperation.


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