What we Offer

LiberoAssurance operates as a training centre approved by EOPPEP. Our team with qualified trainers provides Tailored-made and standard Training Courses that catch up with latest trends and meet Industry standards. Our various maritime training courses ensure and enhance the safety, credibility and compliance with international rules and standards of our customers

Our courses include a number of flag approved courses. We are also able to provide STCW Certification of Crew & Officers after training in Approved training centres, and our certificates are approved by many reputable flags.

We also provide advanced training courses that may cover the needs of more demanding customers, such as Governments and global organisations.

E-learning is also available and as an upgraded form of traditional training provides to students a cost-effective and practical solution.


Which type of seminar?

We offer three types of seminars:

  1. Seminars provided by a trainer at our premises or "in house"
  2. Online Seminars
  3. Tailor-made seminar provided either by a trainer or via e-learning.


A) LiberoAssurance courses provided by trainer

These seminars are entirely prepared by us. The costumer has to apply for a specific course or set of courses and LiberoAssurance will arrange for a convenient time and place to begin training. Our personnel will be happy to assist in the selection of courses at any time. The course will be delivered by a qualified trainer.

Key points:

  • Registration required for all courses.
  • Courses may be conducted IN HOUSE, (or) ONBOARD.
  • Fees cover all coffees, snacks, course notes & material (provided the course is at our premises).
  • The fees include Certificate provided by LiberoAssurance

B) LiberoAssurance online courses
These seminars are entirely prepared by us. Firstly you are required to choose carefully the seminar so to participate the relevant exam.

You may apply online but each seminar has a different coding, so be careful when you choose the seminar.

After payment and receiving the payment code or promotion code (if applicable) visit the Exam section and start the exam. Insert your details properly because exactly the same appear on the certificate.

Please note that:

  • You can stop the exam any time you wish.
  • You have 3 attempts for each exam set. In case failure we can discuss the issues you encountered
  • In case of disconnection you may repeat the attempt
  • The exams are multiple choice exams and/or true /false and/or essays


During the course you will have access to the full set of files (seminar-supporting material etc.) and the exam will be according to this seminar and supporting material.

To pass the exam you must have over 60% (in some cases 70%) and then your certificate will be issued.

You will receive the certificate via normal registered mail and of course via email.


C) Tailor Made LiberoAssurance courses

We can create your own training system and we may also include your own seminars for your personnel and crew or we create an environment dedicated to your company and training needs.

Contact us for more details

Accredited E Learning


elearning teiste for webcooperation

elearning teiste for webcooperation

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