Special Registration

Overview and Requirements

PISR provides special registration service for vessels to be registered for a short period under special circumstances. The special registration is valid for three months with automatic expiration when this period elapses and no Deletion Certificate is issued.

 Types of Special Registrations:

  • A vessel is undertaking a Single Delivery Voyage from Point A to Point B
  • A vessel is undertaking a last voyage to Scrap yard for Demolition
  • A vessel is undertaking a Sea Trial.

The required documents are listed herewith:

  1. Request for confirmation of availability of vessel’s name
  2. Copy of Application for Radio Ship Station License form duly signed by the applicant. The registration of each vessel requires one application.

Download Application for Registration – PISR APPL 001A PDF-WORD

Download Application for Ship Radio Station License – PISR APPL 002 PDF-WORD

NOTE: Applications must be signed by one of the Directors of the company which should be in accordance to the persons listed in the Articles of Incorporation.  If third party has signed the Application then a Power of Attorney is required to be submitted duly notarized. Copies of Passport of both the person signed the POA and the person the POA is given are requested.

  1. Proof of Ownership by submitting any of the following documents:
  • Copy of Notarized Bill of Sale if the ownership of the vessel has changed from the previous Flag
  • Copy of Notarized Builder certificate if the ship is a new building
  • Copy of Notarized Auction documents issued by the court if the vessel had been bought though an Auction sale
  1. Copy of Certificate of Articles of incorporation – for applications by a Company
  2. Copy of Passport – for applicant by an Individual
  3. Copy of current CSR issued by the previous flag administration from which the vessel is being transferred from
  4. Letter of confirmation of survey from the proposed Recognized Organization responsible for the survey and issuance of statutory certificates.

Download List of Approved Recognized Organizations

  1. Radio Accounting Authority letter (RAA) approved by Palau registry, if applicable. Download List of Approved RAA
  2. Copy of previous Certificate of Registry
  3. Letter confirming the port of departure and port of arrival
  4. If the vessel is a tanker or a refrigerated cargo a Declaration of Cargo is required.
  5. Confirmation of fees


  • For special registration for scrap purposes a copy of non -encumbrance certificate from previous flag may be required if possible.
  • The owner may apply for a Crew Dispensation Letter for the single voyage, and in order to provide such letter a crew list together with the valid COC and valid Passport of each crew member. There will be NO Dispensation Letter will be issued without the mentioned documents.
  • Owner may apply Exemption for which the application for exemption should be submitted. The Exemption will clearly state that the vessel is exempted from the requirements of LRIT for the intended voyage.

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